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Lirik Lagu Painful By Kisses - My Guardian Angel

Painful By Kisses - My Guardian Angel

I don’t know who you are
I don’t know where you came from
Since I met you the world’s upside down
And you can change me to be a better man
I hope you meant to me

After I know much longer, after I fallin
Love with you
I know what the real life it is
You’re so precious to me and I don’t want
To loose you
Hope that you can stay beside me forever

( Reff )
Now I just want to make you happy
In the rest of your life
I want to see you full with smile
Until the time will come
Hope you can be my guardian angel…

But then I know you can’t stay longer beside me
GOD will take you away from me
And I cannot blame the time, maybe and I hope
This the best way for you and me
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